Client Testimonials

"We contacted Kat because we were in need of two things, an outside perspective, and non-profit marketing know how. Kat delivered on both fronts, and her outside the organization perspective was super important. She worked with us throughout a year long project and was able to attend our meetings and continuously provide relevant market feedback we could not have gotten from our inside perspective. It is so important to work with someone who understands that we are looking for a partner on projects, and Kat knows how to be your partner from start to finish.“

Carl Diesing, Managing Director
DNL OmniMedia

"When I was starting my social enterprise, Kat was able to help me think through what kind of Salesforce platform design I needed for the business I would have in several years. Not only did we work on design but she built out the system. With her understanding of my business at that level, her ability to offer marketing strategy and support services was seamless.

She enhanced my brand by creating consistency across all of the external communication, including a website refresh, business card, note card and PowerPoint template design, as well as guiding my blogging and social media strategy.“

Mary Stelletello, Principal
Vista Global Coaching & Consulting

"Our department was launching a social media and email newsletter outreach program to students and we needed a crash course in best practices. Kat helped us craft a comprehensive content strategy and key branding elements to help our department stand out. She provided hands-on training and worked directly with staff on preparing our first integrated online/offline promotional giveaway. We now have a strong and growing presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and most of our classes this semester are filled to capacity."

Andrew Park, Department Manager
U.C. Berkeley, Physical Education

"My consulting firm started at square one. Kat guided me through the brand development process and establishment of a new website with efficiency and street-smarts about small business marketing. The focus on messaging and simple graphic elements has added a lot of value, and a series of e-newsletters has reinforced the professionalism of the firm. We are operating at full capacity now, and Kat's contributions are one reason for this success.“

Scott Schaffer, Founder
Public Interest Management Group